The naval officer from Rijeka Giovanni Biagio Luppis (1813 – 1875) and the English industrialist Robert Whitehead (1823 – 1905) did not only change the course of war at sea with their invention of the torpedo, but also made the 19th century Rijeka an important part of the industrially developed world.

Fountain Pen Seal

We give birth to ideas and often need that “something“, a means to achieve the fulfilment of our aspiration. We would like to make someone happy with our letter, to write a story of life or present our beloved ones with a seal of affection, gratitude and loyalty. All of our love is contained in words, which need to be rendered substantial, written by hand, not with the help of a word processor. Each letter that we write bears our seal, testifying of our existence, our love and readiness to enjoy a book, a text, a pen and paper. Thus, there is a fountain pen beside you, which, just as our ancestors used to, you will fill with ink, the blackness of the colour, take the cartridge and write something sweet, special and precious, defying thus the civilisation that destroys individuality.

There is power in the hand that writes, the power that stems from the sharpness of the mind, developing motor skills and making a perfect harmony between our unconscious and the reality of paper. A number of writers of today do not use the word processor for writing as their power lies in the miraculousness of the movement, nimble fingers pressing and joints flexing. The intensive companionship with paper can soothe their fears and sorrows, open the doors of their loneliness, eventually enabling the reader to experience inexpressible pleasure. It is the fountain pen that enables the encounter of the writer, the paper and the reader, as a means to bestow joy, relief and new worlds.

We have given it the form of the torpedo as it is powerful, fast and always hitting the target; not a weapon, only possessing its power, bearing the promising sounds of joy instead of the bitter taste of loss. The pen is used to sign the contract with life that is not a straight line of the word processed text but a winding contour of wandering, search, madness and lucidity. We would like you to use our pen to write down the most earnest quotations as well as your own insights or the shortest and the most heart warming and timid utterances of a new love.

Look for yourself in your messages, not forgetting that the world that existed before you was permeated by simplicity and individuality, that history is to be remembered as it leaves traces, also in the form of a torpedo; that ancestors are just as important as descendants are. The fountain pen is a means of love between the writer and the reader; it is both the history and the time present, having been invented by ancestors for their descendants and as such a beautiful gift.

Guardian Of National Tradition

The “GBTorpedo” company was established in the year 2014, bringing together the skills of three artisans, namely, Tonči Grabušić, owner of the «Zlatarna Grabušić» jeweller’s, and that of brothers Valter and Leonard Balen, owners of the “Tokarija Balen” turner’s. Both artisan businesses are characterised by a long-standing tradition and excellence, as well as numerous recognitions. The “Zlatarna Grabušić” jeweller’s was founded in 1970, being the place where replicas of early Croatian jewellery are manufactured, among others the handmade silver box presented by the City of Rijeka to the Holy Father John Paul II during his visit to Rijeka in the year 2003.

The “Tokarija Balen” turner’s was founded in the year 1969. The modernisation of the production accomplished by investing in the CNC technology helped their products reach a high level of quality and competitiveness in the national as well as international market. The quality of their products is verified by classification societies such as Lloyd’s Register, German Lloyd and the Croatian Register of Shipping. Joining their longstanding experience in different fields of work, Grabušić and Balen set off on the adventure of making writing instruments that are characterized by a combination of tradition and contemporaneity. Torpedo GB writing instruments have been developed applying state-of-the-art technology, precise mechanics, goldsmith’s artisanship and the design appropriate to the first rate quality.

Story Of Torpedo

The Torpedo GB fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint pen pay tribute to the invention that changed the up-to-then existing concept of warfare at sea, while models that are available in the limited edition of 1886 pieces have been manufactured on the occasion of marking the year when the impossible dream became reality. All the three models have been manufactured in the perfect synthesis of precision mechanics, artistic design and goldsmith’s craftsmanship, their appearance testifying of the independent spirit, aspiration to the perfection and the beauty of simplicity.

Besides their winning technical and uncompromising design solutions, it is the handmade production that makes Torpedo GB writing instruments so captivating. Except for the hull, each detail is handmade, so that exceptional skill, a great deal of patience as well as the highest degree of precision is required from the goldsmith. It is precisely this that makes Torpedo GB writing instruments so extraordinary. Let us add that the propeller is adorned with a Swarovski stone in white, ruby red or sapphire blue colour.

Top-quality writing instruments require an accompanying container of exceptional making. The handmade luxurious wooden box made of a solid piece of noble walnut tree reminds of the torpedo launch pad in its bore detail, its purpose being to protect the pen, while the conical cut-out is used as the pen table holder. The wooden box comes with the elegant packing made of white hand-sewn leather impressed with the logo.

Today, almost 150 years later, the torpedo has been launched again, though this time in order to create a more noble-minded, creative and better world. The incredible story of the Rijeka torpedo, little known worldwide, is presented by a 30-minute documentary entitled “The First Torpedo”, which is saved on the USB stick that makes integral part of the product. Tradition, unique quality and elegance characterise the style of the Torpedo GB fountain pen, roller and ball point pen, bequeathing to those who use them a feeling of pride, strength and trust in what is truly of value.

Triumph of perseverance

The naval officer from Rijeka Giovanni Biagio Luppis (1813 – 1875) and the English industrialist Robert Whitehead (1823 – 1905) did not only change the course of war at sea with their invention of the torpedo, but also made the 19th century Rijeka an important part of the industrially developed world. It all began with the idea of Luppis to create a floating device for destroying ships that would be controlled from the land and made to explode at the moment of contact with the vessel

In the year 1864, he signed the agreement for the further development of his invention with the English mechanical engineer Robert Whitehead. This cooperation resulted with a completely new weapon that Whitehead had developed, naming it torpedo. The first tests were held in the year 1866, while the work on its improvement continued for another two years. It soon became clear that torpedoes could provide a huge predominance in naval warfare so that delegations of the most powerful countries started to visit the Rijeka torpedo factory.

Torpedo range

Contact us with trust if you would like to have something unique and different on your Torpedo writing instrument, a special attire and a breath of a greater luxury or just a personal signature. We are able to mark the pen with a special serial number or make an engraving for permanent remembrance. Let it be a gift that will affirm the special quality of the person that you would like to make happy. This luxurious pen storage wooden box can be personalised with a coat of arms, the emblem of a company or your name. The box can also be made in the version with two bores, so that one box could keep a pair of your favourite writing instruments. The choice depends entirely on your wishes.

Besides the 18-karat gold pen and the golden propeller, Torpedo GB writing instruments can additionally be adorned with a precious stone, such as a diamond, specifically, by fitting it into the propeller on the tail of the pen. We will be pleased to fulfil your wishes and accept your suggestions in order to make Torpedo GB writing instruments distinguished and unique.

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